Past: Santa's House in Marble Hill, Missouri

Santa's House

Imagine a place so magical that you never want to leave. Marble Hill, Missouri is quickly becoming the Christmas Destination of Southeast Missouri. The streets and businesses are covered with Christmas Decorations. The stores are filled with holiday goodies. The people are jolly.

New to Marble Hill this year is Santa’s House. Community members used an empty storefront to create a magical Christmas Display for all to enjoy. Santa’s House is located at 204 First Street, Marble Hill and can be viewed 24 hours a day, but the lights are on nightly from 5pm to 10pm.

Santa’s House includes a vintage snow village display on loan to the community from the late Mary Carolyn Thomas’ daughters. Their mother started the collection and later handed the collection off to her daughters. The display is not only beautiful, but very meaningful for all that knew and loved Mary Carolyn.

On the mantle inside the house is the late Larry Roberts’ adorable Nutcracker Collection. His wife Dotta wanted the community to enjoy his display and remember how much Larry loved his community and Christmas.

Between the mantle and Mr. and Mrs. Claus, sits a Vintage Silver Flocked Christmas Tree. This beautiful tree belonged to Ms. Mildred Shell. Ms. Shell was the original owner of Sunset Floral, which was located at 204 First Street, Marble Hill - the building with the slanted windows. On the right side of Santa’s House sits a beautiful nativity set on loan to the community from the Trehy Family. This is the third year they have loaned the community this set, and it is a perfect addition to Santa’s House.

Santa’s House is just one of the magical displays and events happening in Marble Hill. The town is so full of

Christmas Cheer that Mayor Wiginton has received an urgent message from the North Pole that The Grinch is coming to try to Steal Marble Hill’s Christmas.

The Grinch has already been spotted leaving his calling card on local businesses and giving mean looks at those full of cheer. The mayor has requested everyone to help turn The Grinch into a Christmas Loving Guy before the Marble Hill Christmas Parade on December 17th at 5pm. The mayor believes that Christmas Candy and Hugs will help warm The Grinch’s heart.

Saturday, November 26th the final pieces to Marble Hill’s Christmas Display was turned on at 5pm. The large arch over the hundred-foot walk bridge in Twin City Park will be turned on as well as the tunnel in Magnolia Park. Nearly seventy businesses and community members have put together a massive drive through Christmas Display in Magnolia Park - which will include a nearly 30-foot lighted Christmas Tree.

The City of Marble Hill is not only becoming the Christmas Destination of Southeast Missouri it is also full of adorable little shops, events of all kinds, and great places to eat. Follow the Bollinger County Chamber of Commerce and the City of Marble Hill on Facebook to keep up with all that is happening in Marble Hill, Missouri.

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