Tumbling for Adults

Friday, July 19, 2024, 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

The Edge Pilates-Aerial Arts


It is essential that a person has some level of general fitness to be able to tumble safely. As with all sports, a person should get the all-clear from a doctor before starting to tumble, especially if she has had an injury in the past. Even if she has played with tumbling in the garden or the park, a beginner should make sure she is fully prepared to take part in the sport.


Local gymnastics, cheerleading or tumble clubs usually run tumbling classes for beginners. It is best to learn the basics under the guidance of a qualified coach to avoid injuries, as some tumbling can become dangerous if someone learns the wrong technique. Some schools and colleges have tumbling clubs attached to their gymnastics or cheer teams.


Tumbling can be learned safely in any area with matting, usually in a gymnasium. Competitive tumbling takes place on a sophisticated 25-meter sprung track, which assists the athletes with the high level dynamic skills they perform. Coaches use each and practice aerial skills before they skills are performed on the floor.


Tumblers start out preparing their bodies by taking time to learn basic flexibility and strength exercises, which help prepare and protect the body during routines. Building up the muscles in the back, arms and legs gives them the strength and power to complete the moves. Flexibility in the back and shoulders is also essential to allow the body to create the shapes needed in tumbling moves. This is improved by completing basic stretching exercises regularly.

Basic Skills

One of the most basic tumbling skills is the forward roll, followed by the backward roll and cartwheel. Once a person masters these basic skills, he can move on to learning one of the most-used skills in the sport: the round-off.

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